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Institutional relations

Music and documentation institutions eresbil assiduously collaborates with:

  • Association of basque-navarrese composers

    ERESBIL houses the headquaters of this Association of composers, attending and supporting diffusion plans and their own activities.
  • EUDOM – Basque Association for Music Documentation

    ERESBIL supports and promotes the enlargement of music ressources in libraries of the Basque Country. This is why, since 1987, several meetings have taken place with music librarians, mostly from conservatoires, for the purpose of unifying criteria and developing conjoint actions.

    In 2007 publish a Systematic Classification for music books, scores and sound recordings.

  • Association of txistularis (basque flute players)

    ERESBIL has a close collaboration with Txistulari’s Association journal, as well as for the custody of the manuscripts of many of the music scores edited in it.
  • Basque country choral federation

    ERESBIL has created a section of special scores, denominated Choral Library of the EAE, in order to constitute a collection of choir scores from the 19th, 20th and 21th centuries. Has participated in the project "MUSICA", a database on international choir music.
  • Eusko Ikaskuntza (Society for Basque Studies)

    ERESBIL designs together with the Society for Basque Studies the project “Kantutegia”, web site about the traditional basque song.
  • Centre for music and dance documentation of the INAEM (Ministry of Education and Culture)

    ERESBIL has collaborated in the project BIME (Spanish Music Bibliography )as well as in the database of Spanish Musical Resources. In 2009 participates in the project for Music Archives Access.


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